The Kenney Construction crew has the drills required to handle any drilling project.  From limited access hillside jobs to small lots to extreme jobs like beachfront homes that require caisson drilling beneath the water table, our crew and drilling equipment can handle it all.

Best of all, we pride ourselves on taking care of our employees, building partners, and clients like family. Case in point, every one of our foremen has spent more than a decade as a part of the Kenney team. And our GC partners recognize not only our capabilities, but incredible commitment to our clients and colleagues.

Kenney Construction has been great to work with throughout our 18 years of business in Santa Barbara. They get the job done on time and are extremely professional. They provide competitive estimates and work within my time and schedule. I highly recommend them for work.”
— Aaron McKean, General Contractor

Introducing our new

Max Depth: 65'   MAX DIAMETER: 10'

The newest addition to the KCI drilling fleet, the Lō Dril from Bayshore Systems is ideal for extreme jobs like beachfront builds. It packs more power in a smaller package and can drill to depths of 90 feet under severe overhead restrictions with a very low profile attachment—even in the most unfriendly conditions.


Got a limited access project? 

We've got you covered! Our limited access tower drill packs a punch into a small space. We can maneuver our tower drill (9 sq ft total footprint) by remote control into spaces most larger drills could never dream of, while still achieving drilling depths of 40 ft deep by 24" wide.

Need a hillside drilling solution on a small lot? Our CHANCE® Helical piles drill offers a cost-effective alternative to other deep foundation methods, such as caissons. The helical screw piles and micro piles require zero concrete and do not create any dirt spoils from the installation. Great for both new construction and retrofitting existing structures--not to mention ideal for narrow lots. Kenney Construction is currently the only local company that offers this innovative new helical pile approach.